It's Time to Get Off The Grid

What does it mean by

Not being connected to municipal power, water and sewerage

How does this save you money?

The long term municipal costs will decrease over time as your costs for power and water will become ZERO from using your off the grid systems. 

How does one know what size solar system is needed ?

You need to calculate the total consumption of power of all the items you want connected to the system over the time it is used This will be the amount of power you require from your system


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4 main aspects to being off the grid

  • GAS: For providing Heat. Hot water, Cooking and general heating.
  • SOLAR: Products converting sun energy into power
  • WATER: Providing drinking water, recycling water and sewerage
  • WIND: A very good source of power and water pumping


SUN – 1.5% of world power soused through the sun at present

WIND – An increase of 651Gw of power in 2018 To produce a 1.45Tw of global power in 2019

WATER – Hydropower provides at least 50% of the total electricity supply for more than 35 countries.

FUEL – 65% of worlds power is produced from Fossil fuels.  Coal 37% Natural gas 23% Oil 3% Biofuels 2%

NUCLEAR – Civilian nuclear power supplied 2,586Tw with 442 reactors worldwide is estimated at 10% of world supply after Hydropower.

GEO THERMAL – Geothermal power is considered to be a sustainable,renewable source of energy worldwide. Amounting to 15.4Gw. Used in 70 countries worldwide and 6 countries using GT for more that 15% of its power source.

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