Low Pressure Solar Water Heater System 110L


Low Pressure Solar Water Heater System 110L


The complete Cistern Type Solar Water Heating System is ideal for low cost housing, where homes do not have an electric water heater to supply hot water and in rural areas and homes where electricity is not readily available to heat water. It provides hot water to those who do not have the luxury of having hot water on tap.

Low Pressure Solar Water Heater and Self Filler Tank

  • 304 stainless steel 110lt tank covered in galvanised outer casing. IPX4 rated.
  • The horizontal solar water operates at zero pressure and relies on gravity to feed water to the taps.
  • The self filler tank controls the water flow into the solar water heater. The self-filler tank has a high pressure float ball valve, which allows for a direct connection to the municipal mains supply, without any additional valves.
  • The solar water heater relies solely on solar radiation transmitted via an array of vacuum tubes to heat the water and does not have an electrical element and thermostat as a back-up.

Solar Vacuum Tubes Features

  • Vacuum tubes consist of two glass tubes manufactured from borosilicate glass.
  • The outer glass is transparent allowing light rays to pass through with minimum reflection.
  • The inner glass is coated with a special solar selective coating (Al-N/A1), which provides excellent solar radiation absorption.
  • The tops of the tubes are fused together and the air extracted, which forms a vacuum, which is key to the efficiency of the vacuum tubes.
  • If the vacuum is ever lost, the silver inner coating will turn white.
  • The water is directly heated in the vacuum tubes.
  • Tubes are freeze and hail resistant.
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