6kW Kit Long Backup Power System


6kW Kit Long Backup Power System with TBB Energier Essential Inverter

Ensure continuity of operation in Homes and Businesses during power outages with an inverter backup power system. Powers Lights, Fridges and Freezers, Security Systems, Access Systems (garage and gate motors), Computers, Internet, Pumps (Fishpond etc.), Televisions, Cash Registers, POS Machine and more! No noise, no fuel, no fuss. 100% automatic

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Kit Includes:

• 6kW heavy duty inverter with built-in charger with seamless 25mSec switchover
• 8x 120Ah OPR Gel Batteries
• Battery cabinet/s with lid
• Cables, lugs and fuses

Runtime (4 Hours): With 4 x 120Ah OPR Gel = 510W
With 4 x 180Ah OPR Gel = 760W
With 4 x 240Ah OPR Gel = 1020W
With 8 x 120Ah OPR Gel = 1020W
With 8 x 180Ah OPR Gel = 1530W
With 8 x 240Ah OPR Gel = 2040W
With 12 x 120Ah OPR Gel = 1530W
With 16 x 120Ah OPR Gel = 2040W
With 8 x 105Ah Lead Acid = 1020W
With 12 x 105Ah Lead Acid = 1530W
With 16 x 105Ah Lead Acid = 2040W
With 20 x 105Ah Lead Acid = 2550W
With 24 x 105Ah Lead Acid = 3060W
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