Tumo NE1500w-5 Blades 48V Kit with Charge Controller


Tumo NE1500w-5 blade Kit with Charge Controller

  • [Low Noise] The aluminum alloy case of the wind turbine is light and pretty, low vibration.
  • [High Efficiency] Optimized design of aerodynamic contour and structure enable the generator to start-up in low wind speed, and improve the utilization of wind energy, so that the annual power generation can be increased.
  • [Safe and reliable] Adopts mechanical and electromagnetic dual over-speed control design, improve safety and reliability in operation.
  • [Durable and Sturdy] The shell is robust and tight. The wind turbine can use for 15 years without any maintenance if it is correctly applied; 3-year warranty is provided. Can work at -40 ° C ~ 80 ° C.
  • [Automated] Auto windward direction adjustment. By operating with the controller, it can monitor the data constantly during operation and give fault alarm in time.
  • High efficiency of wind energy conversion.
  • Performs well in low wind speed weather.
  • Low vibration and low noise during operation.
  • Adjust direction automatically to maximize efficiency.

High-Quality Material and Ingenious Design

  • The generator adopts a patented permanent magnet rotor alternator, with the specially designed stator, efficiently decrease resistance torque.
  • Mechanical and electromagnetic dual over-speed control are used to avoid damage of strong wind.
  • Wind energy can effectively turn into electricity through precise injection moulding blades and optimized design of aerodynamic contour and structure of the generator.
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