Waterproof 12v/24v – 20A MPPT Charger


Waterproof 20A MPPT Solar Panel Charge Controller for Lithium battery(LiPO4) and Lead-acid battery

* Externally installed temperature sensor is capable of high-accurate temperature compensation.
* 12V/24V system voltage automatic recognition,
* Strong and durable aluminum case,IP67 waterproof
* Can see Various kinds of status indicationand running status (led indications and faults &alarms)
* Protection againse over-charge,over discharge and overload, protection against electronic shortcircuit and reverse connection.
* TVS lightning protection.
* MPPT charge mode (SOS).

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Model NoTracer-2606BP
Battery Type

Lead-acid battery: Sealed(default)/Gel/Flooded

Lithium battery: LifePO4/Li-NiCoMn

Nominal System Voltage12VDC/24VDC Auto work
Rated Battery Current20A
Battery input voltage range8.5~32VDC
Max. Solar Input Voltage100VDC
Max. PV input power12V/ 200W 24V /400W
Equalize charging voltageSealed :14.6V/Gel:No / Flooded:14.8V/User:9-17V (×2/24V)
Boost Charging VoltageLiFePO4:14.5V/ Li-NiCoMn:12.5V / User:9-17V (×2/24V)
Float Charging VoltageSealed/Gel/Flooded:13.8V/User:9-17V (×2/24V)
Low Voltage Reconnect VoltageLiFePO4:12.8V / Li-NiCoMn:10.5V / User:9-17V (×2/24V)
Low Voltage Disconnect VoltageLiFePO4:11.1V / Li-NiCoMn:9.3V / User:9-17V (×2/24V)
Temperature compensation coefficient-3mV/℃/2V
Working environment Tem.-40℃~+60℃
Overall dimension150×93.5×32.7mm
Mounting hole sizeΦ3.5mm
Mounting dimension120×83mm
Net weight0.74kg
Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 93 × 32 cm


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