Goodwe ET Series 8kW 3phase Hybrid Inverter


The Goodwe ET series GW8K-ET 3phase Hybrid inverter is a three-phase high voltage energy storage inverter that enables enhanced energy independence and maximizes self-consumption through export limit feature and time of use shifts for reduced electricity bills. Covering a power range of 5kW, 8kW and 10kW, the ET series allows up to 10% overloading to maximum power output and features Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to inductive loads such as air conditioners or refrigerators, with an automatic switchover time of less than 10 milliseconds, providing grid-tied savings when the grid is up and off-grid independence and security when the grid is down or compromised.

Primary Functions:

  • Increasing Self-Consumption: During the day, the electricity from the PV array is used to optimize self-consumption. The excess is used to recharge the batteries and can be released to the loads at night. The highest proportion of self use is up to 95%.
  • Peak Shaving: By setting the charging and discharging time, the battery can be charged using the lower electrical rate and discharged to loads when there is a high electrical rate.
  • Power Supply for Important Loads: Connected to the backup side of the inverter, loads such as refrigerators, routers, lamps, computers and other small appliances can be powered. When grid fails the system automatically switches to back-up mode within milliseconds.

General Features

PV Solar Inverter with programmable multiple operation modes. Pure sine wave output

– Compact size and light weight
– Maximum efficiency up to 98.2%
– Uninterruptible power supply
– Wide battery voltage range
– Fanless design, quiet operation

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Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 52 × 42 × 18 cm
Type: Hybrid


Phase:Three Phase

Continuous Power (On Grid):8000VA

Continuous Power (Backup):8000VA

DC Voltage:180V~600V

No. of MPPTs:2

Max. PV Input Current:2 X 12.5A

Max. Input Voltage:1000V

Max. Charging Current:25A

Warranty:5 Years, can be extended to 10 Years

Weight26 kg
Dimensions18 × 52 × 42 cm


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